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Introspection. The Key To Your Best Work and Life.

Have you ever felt a sense of detachment from your true self? A feeling that you don't recognise the person you've become? Have you ever wondered, "Who am I, really?" "What makes me, me?, “How did I get here?"

It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves.

In our fast-paced, busy world, it's easy to lose sight of who we truly are. We wear more hats than we can count, juggle responsibilities and commitments, and feel pulled in all directions. Many people, tasks, and projects vie for our time and attention, leaving little room for reflection and self-discovery.

Yet the process of introspection is incredibly important. Only when we look inwards, can we uncover things like our values, strengths, stressors, relationship patterns, beliefs, and motivators. Without this understanding, we can't really know what brings us joy, meaning, and purpose. It's not until we become self-aware, that we can design a work-life that truly fits us.

Why do we avoid introspection?

So many of us avoid introspection. For instance, consider Emily, a dedicated accountant, who has always been on the fast track to partnership. She's been so engrossed in her career that she hasn't taken a moment to contemplate whether this path aligns with her true passions and desires.

Similarly, take Sarah, a successful lawyer. She's been avoiding introspection for years, fearing that looking inward might reveal that her relentless pursuit of success is motivated more by societal expectations and the desire for financial security than by her own genuine passion for the law.

But why do we, like Emily and Sarah, avoid introspection? Here are some possible explanations:

  • It’s daunting or scary: Introspection can be intimidating. We fear confronting unresolved emotions, past mistakes, or hidden insecurities. We fear being challenged and learning that how we perceive ourselves might not align with how others see us.

  • It feels like a time-waster: Our society often prioritises productivity over self-reflection, making introspection seem counterintuitive.

  • It feels too hard or overwhelming: Where do you start with introspection? How do you discover who you really are?

How can you facilitate introspection and get to know yourself better?

1. Make space for it:

  • Dedicate time, even just a few minutes, for self reflection. Find a rhythm that works for you — daily, weekly, monthly. 

2. Be kind to yourself:

  • Remember introspection is about growth, not judgment. Embracing our imperfections and vulnerabilities allows us to cultivate self-compassion and acceptance.

3. Be mindful about social media and its effects:

  • With the endless stream of information and comparison we might get caught up in the pursuit of validation, approval, and recognition (instead of living in a way that’s authentic to who we are).

4. Get yourself our Introspection Kit*:

  • It can be hard to know how to introspect. We get it. And so we curated this kit to get you started.It’s something to keep and use time and time again. As life goes on and things change, so do we. Because of this, it’s important to continuously get to know and understand ourselves. It’s only when we do, we can design a work-life to fit.

Introspection; A Lifelong Journey

Continuously understanding ourselves allows us to design a work-life that truly fits with who we are. Embracing introspection takes courage, but the rewards are invaluable. So, take that step inward, discover your true self, and unlock the key to your best work-life.


*A  bit about our Introspection Kit:

  • It was curated by psychologists to inspire self-awareness and an intentional way of thinking, feeling and doing to make work-life better. We know it can be challenging to really look inwards, but truly knowing ourselves is the only way we can be better. 

  • It’s made up of three tools, inspired by psychology; (1) Values Cards — for discovering what’s most important to you; (2) Strengths Cards — for identifying what gives you joy; and (3) Relationship Cards — although they were created to get to know others better, they also make incredible self-reflection prompts for getting to know yourself.


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