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SELL-OUT Values Cards

SELL-OUT Values Cards


As seen in the highly regarded Wellbeing Magazine, this tool is your key to boosting happiness and wellbeing by cultivating profound meaning and purpose in work+life.


It will take you on a journey of self-discovery to uncover what truly matters to you.


Curated by psychologists, the tool will guide you through a process of values identification, encouraging deep thought and reflection along the way. There are thirty-nine values to consider, like Health and Fairness, plus blank cards to add your own unique values.


With this invaluable insight, you can design a work+life that is not only extraordinary but deeply authentic and purpose-driven.


It will help you:

  • Set meaningful professional and personal goals
  • Map and manage your career (e.g. plan your next move, prepare for a job interview, evaluate what you want / don't want in an employer).
  • Identify and establish boundaries
  • Manage your time and energy (... and that endless to-do list)
  • Better understand your relationships and (possible) sources of tension


It’s something to use particularly if you’re feeling:

  • Uninspired or unmotivated
  • Burnt out (… or close to)
  • Drained and lacking in energy and focus
  • Confused about your career
  • Apathetic or “blah"


And if you’re a Leader, this tool will help you do all these things with the people in your team. It’ll be handy for your one-to-ones, performance reviews and team days.

Expected to ship June 2024
  • It’s made for those who are open and curious. It requires introspection and self-reflection, so be sure to give it the energy and attention it deserves.

    Although it was curated by psychologists it is not intended to be a therapeutic tool or intervention, or to replace the advice of your health professional(s).

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