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About us

We believe work and life can be extraordinary 

... if you know how to make it so.

And yes, we agree. The market is saturated with solutions that promise your #bestworklife ....


But do they actually work to make a meaningful difference? 

We're seen a lot of what's out there and much of it is repetitive, uninspiring and unsustainable — and based on fads and trends.

We're different.


Our tools and kits are; psychologist-curated, inspired by science and aesthetically designed to fit into your day-to-day.

Think of us as evidence-based stationary or decor for your daily grind — curated thoughtfully to boost your happiness and wellbeing, and elevate your performance, productivity, motivation, confidence and resilience.

It's our know-how (and what we love most) — the science of doing your best work and the science of happiness and wellbeing.

Welcome to a thoughtful and deliberate way of working and living.

... this is Myndly.

— Kirsten (Founder | Psychologist)

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