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About us. 

We’re two psychologists* —  the work+life kind. Our know-how is organisational psychology: the science of human behaviour at work and evidence-based ways to make work-life better.


We’ve also studied business, behavioural science, positive psychology and wellbeing. Between us, we’ve got more than twenty-five years' experience working in, and for different organisations sharing what we know with individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.

We love what we do and do what we love. But after working near and abroad, we know there’s a different way to do things. 

This is myndly.

A place to find tools and kits; and

An intentional way of thinking, feeling and doing 


…. to make work+life better.

We’re glad you’re here.

— Emma Dumesny & Kirsten Forgione

*Emma is currently non-practising.


Our Manifesto

We believe that …

  • Work can be overwhelming – there’s more to it than the work itself (things like navigating relationships, managing time and priorities, and looking after your wellbeing)

  • What happens at work affects life – and what happens in life, affects work.

  • There’s a lot out there about work+life and ways to enhance it – but most of it seems like #fads and #buzzwords.

  • What’s out there seems overly focused on understanding models and concepts, rather than understanding self and others.

  • There isn’t much that sparks a different way of thinking, feeling and doing in work+life.


We also believe that …


  • Work+life can be better. And that’s because we’ve studied it, seen it, done it.

  • It can be better when we understand ourselves and each other – when we know things like our preferences, values, strengths, motivators and stressors (because when we know these things, we understand how to be at our best, and how to bring out the best in others).

  • We need tools to do this – to introspect and reflect. 

  • We need these tools to be simple, impactful, and practical – to inspire us to think, feel and do things differently.


We’re here to make work+life better.


And we believe you are too.

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