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We are pleased to offer wholesale prices to our partners (i.e. retailers, distributors).  

Please contact us at for pricing and information, noting the (below) Terms and Conditions — Wholesale.

Terms & Conditions — Wholesale

1. Display, Packaging & Content

1.1 Our products must be sold in their original packaging. We recommend a ‘sample’ is provided to customers (where relevant), with plastic covering removed. This will allow customers to learn about the product, how to use it, and explore its features.


1.2 You may use any of the images on our website


1.3 If you are selling our products online, you must credit us in the product description and all images.


1.4 It is our expectation that if you post images of our product on Facebook or Instagram you will tag and use hashtag #myndly.


1.5 Our preferred aesthetic for our brand is minimal, moody and neutral. We hope that any photography will align with, or complement this.

1.6 All product content is written in British English. 


2. Ordering & Payment Terms

2.1 Payment is required on receipt of invoice via acceptable payments.

2.2 In the event of any dispute concerning the invoice, please contact us within 7 days of the invoice date: 

2.3 We are based in Australia; invoices will be in AUD unless otherwise agreed.


3. Order Cancellation and Changes


3.1 If you would like to cancel, or change your order, you must notify us via email immediately as orders are typically posted or arranged with our manufacturer on the day of purchase / agreement, excluding weekends and public holidays.

3.2 Where possible, we will do our best to accommodate your requests, however, depending on the status of your order, we may not able to do so.


4. Returns and Exchanges


41. We are committed to providing you with a quality product so your order will be closely inspected before shipping. We will only ship items that meet our strict standards.


4.2 Your order will be photographed to document the state in which it left our warehouse, or that of our manufacturer. In the event that all or part of your order is damaged in transit, we cannot be held responsible or accountable for this. 

4.3 Please choose carefully as we do not accept returns for change of mind or for incorrect orders (e.g., ordering the wrong item).

4.4 Customer returns and exchanges are subject to your Returns Policy, except for faulty products. If you receive a return from a customer who has purchased our product, and claims it to be faulty, this must be reported to us via email within five business days of the return receipt / notification. We ask that you send us a detailed description and images of the fault(s). Depending on the type and extent of the fault, we will either issue a new product at no charge or refund the cost of the item to you. Please note, we will not accept returns of faulty items that have been used.

4.5 Approved refunds will be processed within 7 business days of approval.


5. Product Care: Our products are delicate and must be looked after. Please handle them with care, so as not to create any bends, creases, or dents – and please keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.


6. Intellectual Property


6.1 Unless otherwise stated, all Intellectual Property (IP) in connection with the products and any services provided by us belong to and are the sole property of Myndly, including all content, any website, trademark or trade name, logo, text and graphics, and you agree that you will not infringe any such rights in any way.


6.2 Content may not be reproduced, altered or used without written permission from Myndly. All rights reserved.


6.3 In purchasing any Myndly Products, you agree that the Terms and Conditions will be interpreted under the laws of Australia.


6.4 On purchase of any Myndly Products, you agree that Myndly Products will only be used for retail use. They cannot be used for commercial activities, such as, but not limited to, workshops and events, without prior written permission from Myndly.


6.5 Upon purchasing any Myndly Products, you hereby agree that any imagery, reels, or posts generated by you utilising Myndly Products shall only disclose minimal product content for the purpose of: (1) Safeguarding our Intellectual Property and (2) Providing a delightful customer experience.


7. Accuracy of Images: Images of our Products on the Website are intended as a guide and the actual Product(s) may differ slightly in some respects.

8. Limitations


8.1 We reserve the right to limit the quantities, or sales of our products to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction, and we may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis.


8.2 We also reserve the right to discontinue a relationship for reasons relating to non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, or brand misrepresentation.


9. Product Changes


9.1 All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at any time.


9.2 We reserve the right to discontinue or change any product at any time. We will always provide you with advanced notice of any changes.


10. Sales and Promotions: We reserve the right to provide discounts to our customers via our website at any time. This includes but is not limited to a 5% discount for new subscribers and “Online Exclusives” (i.e. our kits).


11. Exclusivity


11.1 Exclusivity is evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on various factors including order quantity and spend.


11.2 We reserve the right to determine exclusivity based on factors such as geographic region or jurisdiction.


11.3 We cannot offer exclusivity online.


12. Psychology: Our tools have been curated by psychologists. However, they are intended to be evidence-based suggestions only. They are not intended to be a therapeutic tool or intervention, or to replace the advice of health professional(s).

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