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Strengths Cards

Strengths Cards


Transform your happiness and wellbeing using your strengths. Discover and do what gives you joy and spark excitement, confidence, and productivity in work+life.


With this powerful tool, you will identify your unique strengths profile, tapping into the things you love - and are good at! It also gives you two hands-on ways to learn more about your strengths from the people around you, and reflection questions to help you make sense of and get the most out of the experience.


Curated by psychologists, and using the well-established and psychometrically sound, VIA (Institute on Character) strengths framework and assessment, this tool is powerful way to deeply understand yourself.


With this insight, you can design a work+life that is inspiring, engaging and energising … and one that sets you apart from the rest!


It will help you:

  • Identify your unique skillset
  • Discover and manage your energy (… find out what energises you and reflect on what zaps you)
  • (Re)design your job and the things you do daily
  • Find your true passion!
  • Plan your career (e.g. your next job, a career-change, a side hustle)


It’s something to use particularly if you’re feeling:

  • Bored in work+life
  • Drained; physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Apathetic and “blah”
  • Concerned that you’re wasting your talent
  • Dissatisfied with your job


And if you’re a Leader, this tool will help you do all these things with the people in your team. It’ll be handy for your one-to-ones, performance reviews and team days.

  • It’s made for those who are open and curious. It requires introspection and self-reflection, so be sure to give it the energy and attention it deserves.

    Although it was curated by psychologists it is not intended to be a therapeutic tool or intervention, or to replace the advice of your health professional(s).

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