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Here's How To Write a To Do List That Actually Works.

Your to-do list:

That thing you keep on your phone, in your notebook, on an app or perhaps in your head.

The thing that’s with you wherever you go (even when you’re trying to sleep).

We all have one. Albeit, some are more organised or colour coded than others…

Guaranteed, that however your to-do list looks, it’s missing this. And this one thing will make all the difference.

How to write a to do list that actually works.

It'll make you feel energised and inspired, rather than daunted and overwhelmed — even when there’s a stack load to do.


The things that are most important to you — perhaps, family, health, career, status. The things you stand for and believe in. The things that give you meaning and purpose.

When you write your to-do list in a way that’s aligned to your values it will help you:

  • Identify the things that don’t serve you. These might be the things you delegate or ask someone to help you with.

  • Find more meaning and purpose in the small, mundane stuff. You might realise that this stuff is actually really important in living your values and achieving your goals.

It’s time! Get your to-do list, a blank piece of paper, and a coffee… And let’s rewrite it.

It’ll take some time and thought though, so make sure you can give it the attention and energy it deserves (so, come back to it later if you need).

At the top of your page, write down your values.

Then, write goals that align with your values. This will keep you focused on the things that matter most. And remember, that your values change over time, particularly when big life things happen, like having children, experiencing a health challenge or a new relationship (or relationship breakdown).

Now, write your to-do list. Prioritise tasks in a way that aligns with your goals (and your values).

Different, right? Now, hopefully you’re feeling refreshed, and reinvigorated… With a new-found purpose!


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