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Three Ways To (Re)Invest In Your Relationships

Our relationships —not just the romantic ones— are the strongest predictors of our wellbeing. They can influence how long we live, our physical health, our job satisfaction and our work performance. They’ve also been associated with our psychological health and things like depression, anxiety, substance use, self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Incredible!

Why are relationships important for our wellbeing?

Good relationships give us joy, meaning and fulfillment, and they support us to navigate the ups and downs of life. They also build trust and connection and encourage us to get involved in the world — to get out, to meet people and to try new things. And you probably don’t need any explanation of how destructive the negative ones can be …

What can you do to realise the good things that come from them?

  1. Do something generous. Send a little care package to someone you know who might be having a difficult time. Give some company to someone who lives alone. Deliver a sleep-deprived Mum a coffee from her favourite café.

  2. Say thanks! Send someone a handwritten card telling them what you most appreciate about them — or better yet, meet them face-to-face and deliver them the card in person. Watch as they read it …

  3. Get in touch. Reach out to someone and schedule a time to catch up. Too often, we assume that relationships grow organically — but they take work. Try putting yourself out there and make the effort (and don’t take it personally if it doesn’t work out).

Imagine a gift that can improve your relationships and enhance your wellbeing? Something that can inspire connection, provoke deep and meaningful conversation, and have you feeling closer to the people you care about. Look no further.

Discover our Relationship Cards. Packed with questions to ask and answer about love, life, memories, goals and aspirations, these cards are designed to bring you closer to the people you care about.


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